Cologne: Possible bomb found – City threatens traffic chaos


Cologne –

The Cologne city administration gave the all-clear for bomb searches on the premises of the LVR clinic in Cologne-Merheim on Sunday morning. The city announced via Twitter that it is only fragments of a bomb.

Therefore, there is no evacuation in the district and also the highways 3 and 4 would not have to be closed. The city of Cologne also announced that the bomb that had been detonated decades ago was an explosive device weighing between 50 and 125 kilograms. The ordnance disposal service would remove the bomb fragments.

Bomb fragments Merheim
The fragments of a World War II bomb found in Cologne-Merheim on Sunday morning

For comparison: the two World War blind people disarmed last week, who had been found on the banks of the Rhine in Deutz and on the Cologne University Hospital railing, each weighed ten hundredweight (500 kilograms).

The city had previously said that anything from harmless metal to a flammable aerial bomb from World War II was conceivable for the discovered object. The object is buried under the earth’s surface on a building plot.

Metal object located in the ground

During the routine evaluation of aerial photographs from the war, a suspicion had been identified for a potential bomb-blind person. For example, this could be an impact crater. Further investigations by a specialist company showed that there is actually a metal object in the ground at this point. According to the city, experience has shown that such suspected cases only proved to be explosive devices in ten percent of all soundings.

If the metal object had turned out to be a bomb, it would have been defused on Sunday. It was planned to evacuate the entire LVR clinic with 460 patients and part of the Reha-Nova clinic, but not the Merheim hospital. About 600 residents of Servatiusstrasse should have left their homes.

Highway 3 would also have been affected, which would have been partially blocked in both directions from around 11:00 a.m. between the Cologne-East intersection and the Heumar triangle and then completely blocked during the disarming.

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