Cooperation between Italy and Russia, new impetus from the ambassador’s work


In photo Pasquale Terracciano, ambassador of Italy to Moscow

The Ambassador of Italy Pasquale Terracciano participated this morning at the Gaidar Forum in the “Dialogue of civil dialogues” section dedicated to cooperation between institutions, civil society and business. The Ambassador underlined in his speech the fundamental role of the dialogues between the various components of civil society as the backbone of our bilateral relations, especially in a context of political instability. The Ambassador reiterated that “the cooperation that can be relaunched and intensified through the Forum of Italian-Russian civil societies, a privileged meeting place of the economic, political and social dimensions”. We know the situation of Russias relations with the world, and we also know the growth of those with our country, which has often remained at the stake of expectations of international developments, after suffering the consequences for the embargo; but even more reason the Ambassador has repeatedly confirmed in the past that the path of dialogue and cooperation between Russia and Italy, passes through that of culture which sometimes seems to be a way to camouflage or encourage real economic dialogues, held back by international conjunctures . In fact, a few months ago, on the occasion of the sixteenth edition of Vinitaly Russia-Moscow, the Russian fair for Italian wine organized by Vinitaly International and Veronafiere, it firmly reiterated this concept. The fair saw a doubling of participants compared to 2017, hosting 60 Italian operators and 20 Russian importers, for a total of 80 operators. Vinitalyinternational also represented a fundamental moment for building and strengthening new commercial relationships with Russian importers. The second stage of the Vinitaly Tour 2019 then moved to St. Petersburg which hosted it after a few days.

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