Evo Morales and the necessary Argentine neutrality


The former Bolivian president Evo Morales, a refugee in our country after having fled from his country, where Justice is looking for him today to judge him for the serious crimes of sedition and electoral fraud, plans from Buenos Aires to return his party to power.

The Armed Forces and the police of Bolivia would have suggested that he move away so that he would not interfere more in the urgent political normalization of his country.
Morales had tried unsuccessfully to manipulate with his local allies the electoral results so as to be able to eternalize in the highest power of the neighboring country, whose destinies he led for more than a decade.

The final OAS report on election results in Bolivia is devastating. He concludes that Morales and his supporters tried to “mishandle” their results by committing “serious irregularities.”

As a refugee, the Aymara leader is actively organizing the forces of the Movement to Socialism in his country in an attempt to regain power in the next national elections.
His recent and surprising public call regarding forming “paramilitary militias,” which he later said he regrets, denounces an unacceptable inclination to authoritarianism and violence.
It is not impossible that his well-known political and ideological affinity with Kirchnerism today results in a support from our authorities that does not sympathize with the attitude of neutrality that incidentally corresponds to the Government regarding the Bolivian national electoral process to be held next May.

Acting otherwise does not respect the principle principle of non-interference and could generate risings that would damage the normal relationship we have with our close northern neighbor.


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