Fear in a downtown hotel, he attacks the carabiniere and tries to steal his gun


It sowed panic within a hotel in the center of Rome and then tried to grab the gun of a Carabiniere who intervened to restore calm. Fear tonight at about 1 am, in a hotel where a 25-year-old man, originally from Ghana, entered the structure and tried to access, without a specific reason, in some rooms of the structure.

After some attempts by the service staff to block the 25-year-old, the Carabinieri of the Rome Radio Unit were alerted. When the military entered the hotel, the man rushed against him grabbing a carabiniere in the neck. The result was a violent scuffle during which the man also bit the soldier in the arm.

The worst came close when another military attempted to intervene in the fight and the 25 year old he tried to grab the Carabiniere’s gun. The weapon, thanks to the anti-tear device, did not come out of its holster and a few moments later, the man now in the grip of a real raptus of violence, was stopped.

The two Carabinieri were instead accompanied to the hospital for the appropriate treatment. The Ghanaian, already known to law enforcement and identified with ‘homelessness’, was arrested is judged this morning with the direct rite for the crimes of resistance and injuries to public officials, and attempted robbery.

The arrest of the 25 year old was validated by the judge who ordered the precautionary measure in prison pending the psychiatric report.

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