Fernando Burlando said that rugbiers have “a pact of mafia silence because they are crap”


Fernando Burlando, lawyer for the family of Fernando Baez Sosa, said that the evidence collected by the prosecution is more than enough to condemn the rugbiers but also asked the young detainees to break “the pact of mafia silence they have.”

As revealed at the exit of one of the reconnaissance wheels, there are still things that need to be clarified and for that It is very important “that some speak.”

“This mafia pact that they have, which is not camaraderie, exists because they are serious bullshit”, said Burlando. In that sense, he was optimistic and stated that “if any of these monsters had no link to the criminal act, he would have to say what he did and what the others did.”

Before the consultation of the media, the lawyer of the victim’s family also charged against the parents of the rugbiers because they speak for the press but “do not speak for the cause.”

On the other hand, he stressed that Fernandos parents “are good people” who do not want innocent detainees. “They don’t even want those responsible for this brutal murder to pass through the corridor of rape or aggression in a prison unit”, he pointed.

In spite of everything, he was confident in the progress of the case and announced that the evidence collected by the prosecution during the investigation is “more than enough”.

“But it would be good for the true leaders to appear,” he said.

This Monday, three of the ten detainees were identified in the third round of reconnaissance, one of them as one who punched the victim, another as a “harangue” of the aggressors and the rest as part of the group present at the scene of the attack.

Research sources revealed that Luciano Pertossi (18) was recognized by two witnesses as the person who saw Baez Sosa punch (18) outside the bowling alley “Le Brique”.

Then, Ayrton Viollaz (20) was also pointed out by two witnesses as who “harangued” the aggressors on public roads; in both to Matias Benicelli (20), a single witness identified him as part of the rugby group although he did not assign a specific role in the attack.

In this way, there are still three detainees who were not identified in any of the three days of recognition carried out so far: Alejo Milanesi (20), Blas Cinalli (18) and Juan Pedro Guarino (19).

Meanwhile, this Tuesday there will be a fourth – and last – day of reconnaissance wheels before four other witnesses.

In addition, Luciano Pertossi, Viollaz and Benicelli were also identified in the rounds of Thursday and last Friday Maximo Thomsen (20) and Enzo Comelli (19), as those who physically attacked Baez Sosa; Ciro Pertossi (19); and Lucas Pertossi (20.)

The eleventh accused is the rower Pablo Ventura (21), for whom, his lawyer Jorge Santoro, today asked for his dismissal since he was not recognized by any of the witnesses.

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