Football club RKHVV shocked, player (21) in critical condition after accident


“We sympathize with the family … are shocked … in a situation like this you want so much but you can do so little”, the club board writes on the website. Their selection player Paco Geutjes (21) was with four others in a car that collided with a mast from the trolley network.

The footballer from Lobith has to miss a foot and is kept artificially in a coma, says his family to Omroep Gelderland.

Three men were able to get out of the car with the help of bystanders, but the other two were trapped. Eventually the fire department had to free them.

FC Eindhoven

One of the other passengers is Youri Roseboom, who recently made his debut at football club FC Eindhoven. “We are very shocked by the news this morning”, writes technical manager Marc Scheepers of the club on the website. “We can report that Youri is out of danger.”

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