France 2024: sets hung despite defeat


After a meeting against Marcq-en-Baroeul last weekend, the girls of France 2024 yesterday evening faced a new formation in the fight to win the qualification in the Top 8, the team of Aix-Venelles (10th) . The start of the match will be hung between the two teams who go back to back (6-7). The French are concentrated and take advantage of a few opposing mistakes to stay in touch with the score (11-14). But the players of Venelles are also in their match and do not drop the score (16-20). They will win round 25 to 18.

The French will then be countered by the aggressiveness of the Aixoises at the start of the second set (3-7). But some errors in the service will allow the young people of France 2024 to pick up little by little (10-12). And in full confidence, the latter will show their full potential by posing serious problems to the Venelloises, in the wake of Guewe Diouf, very prominent on this meeting. But the French will finally bow 25 to 22.

The girls of Venelles will start strong the last set with a canon start (3-8). They do not give young French women a chance. The offensives are formidable in the wake of Eli Uattara, and the defense is effective against French attacks.

But the young hopefuls do not give up on anything and stick to the score little by little (15-18). In a very close end of the set, it was the Venelloises who ended up winning (22-25). A new defeat 3 to 0 for the girls of Gael Le Draoulec but many satisfactions on this match despite a slump in the second set. Guewe Diouf once again delivered a big performance, with 13 points and a title of best scorer of the match. Manon Moreels also performed on offense and Juliette Gelin was formidable at the reception, as usual.

Next meeting on Wednesday evening for the French women with a big trip to Le Cannet at 8 p.m.


The sets: 18-25 (23 ’); 22-25 (25´); 22-25 (23´)

France 2024: starting six: Moreels, Diouf, Respaut, Davidovic, Rotar (cap.), Dia; Libero: Gelin. Then: Ratahiry

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