Judge closes investigation against Collado, FGR must present accusation


Collado, who was a lawyer for Romero Deschamps, Raul Salinas de Gortari and Enrique Pena Nieto, is accused of organized crime

Regeneration, January 26, 2020. A control judge terminated the complementary investigation against lawyer Juan Collado, arrested on July 9, 2019, who is accused of money laundering and organized crime.

The Attorney General’s Office (FGR) He has until February 4 to present the accusation against Collado.

After the closure of said investigation, the Attorney General’s Office (FGR) has 15 business days, which began on January 14, to present the accusation against Collado, according to information signed by the journalist Veronica Diaz.

The FGR must report the request for imprisonment against the lawyer, and then a judge will call the intermediate hearing, then the oral trial will come.


Andorra seizes Juan Collado 76.5 million euros

Juan Collado investigated by washing. After his arrest, investigations were reopened. With Pena Nieto the prosecution denied Andorra that there were illicit

Juan Collado, lawyer of Carlos Salinas
Juan Collado, lawyer of Carlos Salinas

Regeneration, October 15, 2019. Juan Collado faces new-old-accusations. The Justice of Andorra has ordered the seizure of 76.5 million euros (83.1 million dollars) to Juan Ramon Collado, a lawyer for former Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto, of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI).

Thus begins the research report made by the newspaper El Pais.

And it is that the newspaper recalls that Andorra previously investigated the assets of Juan Collado but that the Prosecutor’s Office of Enrique Pena Nieto exculpated him.

It was until the arrest of Juan Collado that the investigations were reopened, which led to the freezing of the lawyer’s accounts.

Collado, who is known in Mexico as the power attorney for defending authorities and politicians, was arrested on July 9.

The alarm

The alarm of the investigators was activated after Juan Collado transferred 10.5 million euros (11.6 million dollars).

This from Andorra to a BBVA account in Madrid six days before being arrested in Mexico.

The above as reported by journalists Jose Maria Irujo and Joaquin Gil.

Frozen in 2015 and thawed by EPN

The fortune of Juan Collado in the principality of Andorra, deposited in the Banca Privada d’Andorra (BPA), had been frozen along with that of the other clients of this entity in March 2015.

This when the financial institution was closed for alleged irregularities.

Subsequently, the Andorran judge Canòlic Mingorance seized Collados funds for an alleged crime of money laundering.

The Andorran investigation was provisionally filed in 2018 after the Mexican prosecutor’s office, then under the Pena Nieto government, send reports to the magistrate in which he exculpated Collado.

“It follows that (Collado) obtains lawful income. The exercise of the criminal action is not appropriate ”, then affirmed the representative of the Mexican Public Ministry Anahi Marcela Mendoza.

Mexicos response forced the justice of the Principality to provisionally dismiss the case.

The reason: you cannot be convicted of laundering without demonstrating the illicit origin of the money.

Research is reactivated

The journalists of El Pais, reveal that on July 31, the Andorran prosecutor asked for the reopening of the proceedings and the immediate embargo of the 76 million 540 thousand 582 euros.

Same that were deposited in the Vallbanc bank in the name of four Dutch instrumental societies of the lawyer.

The Public Ministry argued that the detention of the lawyer was based on new facts that the Andorran authorities “They still did not know”, so it cannot be argued that it is “thing already judged” in Mexico.

Account Emptying

The prosecutor’s brief explains it this way:

“This situation entails renewing a logical and reasonable suspicion about the assets that are deposited in Andorra on behalf of Collado or the companies it represents, have a criminal origin.”

“There is a risk that these assets will be transferred abroad before the facts are clarified.”

10.5 million euros to Andorra last July

They point out that the Public Ministry stressed that on July 3, six days before his arrest in Mexico, Collado transferred 10.5 million euros from Andorra to a BBVA account in Madrid.

“In the same way all assets could be transferred if urgent measures are not taken immediately”, the prosecution warned.

The Andorran judge Maria Àngels Moreno has accepted the urgent request of the Public Ministry.

That’s why he agreed void the provisional dismissal of the case against Collado issued in October 2018 and May 2019.

The August 1 car: the embargo

In a car dated August 1, it agrees to seize 76.5 million euros cautiously in the name of the lawyer.

As well as the four Dutch instrumental societies and investigate Collado as the alleged perpetrator of the crimes of illicit association and money laundering.

Likewise, the magistrate has sent a rogatory commission (petition for judicial assistance) to Mexico, requesting all the information about her recent detention and her connection with criminal activities.

In addition to Collado, the magistrate asks that Cristina Lozano, former deputy general director of BPA business, and Joan Marc Masson, former employee of the bank, be investigated for the same cause.

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