Key figure spreading child pornography on the internet in jail | Interior


The punishment was lower than the four years that the Public Prosecution Service had demanded against suspect Kevin K.. The prosecutor spoke of “rock-hard child porn” that he distributed. He was in possession of at least 11,000 images and videos with children aged four to fifteen. Children were also penetrated into half of the material. In addition, there were more than fifty videos with animal porn, with young girls.

Just like the Public Prosecution Service, the court in Dordrecht also considers that K. was a member of a criminal organization. The gang manages chat boxes and networks for child pornography on the so-called dark web, a hidden part of the internet that criminals use. K. was active as a moderator from 2016 until his arrest in January last year. He admitted that he did, but contradicted that it was an organization. He also realized that through his activities he sustained child pornography by others.

The court agrees with experts that the Gorinchemmer is less accountable due to poor development and mental disorder. Partly due to his autism, he is in social isolation.

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