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Nuisances due to the airport and tanks, fear of large complexes … Vernier was not spared from the difficulties. Not to mention his median income and his level of education much lower than the average. And yet its inhabitants like it.

It is in this context that 110 candidates will compete for the 37 seats of the Municipal Council at stake. First municipal political force, with 14 seats obtained in 2015, the PS presents 20 candidates. Second formation with 12 seats, the MCG proposes a list of 14 candidates. The Greens are launching 15 postulants into the battle.

The PDC and Vert’Libéraux present, for their part, 9 candidates, the PLR ​​16, the UDC 9, the PdT 6. Finally, the Alternative Vernier, which has just been created, is also illustrated by the list the more provided with 21 people, including quite disappointed traditional parties (MCG in mind), who have also joined the bench for independents during the last legislature.

End of the dam at the MCG

In addition to this new arrival, the end of the right-left union – aimed at stemming the populist wave since 2011 – could redistribute the cards of the political chessboard.

Starting with those of the Administrative Council. At the time, magistrates Thierry Apothéloz (PS) and Yvan Rochat (Greens) had barred Thierry Cerutti (first elected MCG to a Geneva executive in 2007), allying with the liberal Ronget. This dynamic paid off that was repeated in 2015. And in 2018, with the success of the socialist Martin Staub against the CWM Ana Roch.

Socialists and Greens should keep their place in government: despite its decline in national elections, the PS came out on top at Lignon and Avanchets and the Greens are on the rise. But the 3rd seat looks very contested.

Demographic boom

Among the challenges, it will be necessary to support the new demographic boom. The canton’s second largest city, with 35,000 inhabitants, will have 5,000 more over the next ten years, with the future Étang, Concorde and Le Croissant districts. A reality that worries the CWM “with the necessary infrastructure and the swelling debt”.

“A great challenge, of course, but it is an opportunity to strengthen our development by mending its different poles, cut by the motorway, the roads of Ain and Vernier,” hopes Martin Staub. The only magistrate to represent himself, this child from Aïre undertakes to combat social inequalities and environmental nuisances.

Former municipal councilor from Geneva, Green deputy Mathias Buschbeck moved to Vernier to run for mayor. Its priority: act locally for the climate “by greening public space, encouraging soft mobility and reducing waste.”

Greenery on the program

Lead PLR, Gian Reto Agramunt wants to succeed Pierre Ronget, who boosted culture. It is based on the preservation of the villas area, “a precious green lung”. A goal shared by the MCG Cerutti-Roch duo to protect residents from the inconvenience of the airport. Just like the PDC Yves Magnin, who also defends a sports center in Aïre instead of the Cycle du Renard “to offer a quick response to the Servette”.

Finally, the Alternative for Vernier, the UDC and the Pdt aim for a quorum to access the deliberative process.

Only 3 women …

Another unknown after last year’s fuchsia wave, will the Administrative Council remain 100% male, as has been the case since 2007. To date, only three women, all from the left (Solange Schmid, Gabrielle Falquet and Nelly Buntschu) have accessed the Town Hall of Vernier.

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