Sergio Mattarella, the “stolen phrase” by Osho after the promise of Salvini and Meloni: “If they intercom …”


Osho strikes again. On the pages of Time the Roman author grasps “the stolen phrase” which Sergio Mattarella reported to Giuseppe Conte. “If Monday we come to intercom nun we open to anyone.” An ironic declaration resulting from the promise of the center-right and, in particular, from Giorgia Meloni is Matteo Salvini. The two leaders, respectively from Fratelli d’Italia and Lega, have in fact repeated several times to the yellow-red government that, in case of victory in Emilia-Romagna, the opposition will present itself to the President of the Republic to ask for early elections. So the word will be up to the people, while the fate of the country in the hands of Lucia Borgonzoni, the Northern League candidate running for the presidency of the redest region ever.

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