Timetable for high street demolition in Ludwigshafen is set Ludwigshafen


Preparations for the demolition of the dilapidated Hochstrasse Sud in Ludwigshafen are proceeding as planned. The city of Ludwigshafen announced this at a press conference on Monday afternoon. The actual demolition could begin in March.

Mayor Jutta Steinruck (SPD) said that the plans are currently being checked by a structural engineer. If he agrees, milling of the asphalt can begin in mid-February.

2,500 tree trunks required

Subsequently, pillars made of logs will be erected below the elevated road. The first of around 2,500 tree trunks have been delivered. With this, the demolition company wants to build a support structure under the Hochstrasse Sud – so that when the 500-meter-long section is demolished, no parts fall uncontrollably. The actual demolition of the concrete structure resting on supports can probably begin in March.

“The partial demolition is a feat.”

Jutta Steinruck (SPD), Mayor of Ludwigshafen

Steinruck called the dismantling a technological challenge. Demolition work is scheduled to be completed in June.

Construction work could be noisy

The work had become necessary because, according to structural engineers, the section of the street resting on mushroom-shaped supports is in danger of collapsing. Local residents in particular will probably suffer from the construction work in the coming months: from vibrations and noise. According to the head of the civil engineering office in Ludwigshafen, BjOrn Berlenbach, the demolition work will have a noise level of around 100 to 105 decibels – which corresponds to a passing freight train.

Due to cracks in the construction, Hochstrasse Sud was closed in August 2019. The southern route is also the central traffic axis of the region, along with the ailing Hochstrabe Nord.

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