Vicente Serrano was not censored: Aguirre Abdo


The general director of Grupo Radio Centro said that in La Octava ‘it has never been intended to limit freedom of expression to journalists.

The CEO of Grupo Radio Centro, Juan Aguirre Abdo, said the communicator Vicente Serrano, host of the ‘Érale without fear’ program broadcast by La Octava, in no moment was censored.

The Eighth has never intended to limit freedom of expression to the journalists who make up their informative spaces. I have the satisfaction of affirming that the professionals of the La Octava team can confirm my words, ”said Aguirre Abdo through a statement posted on his Twitter account.

Vicente Serrano announced his resignation last Wednesday by pointing out that he refused to “receive a line” and to have “issues” imposed on him to analyze. “I want to tell you that this is the last program that drives this server in The Eighth. For solidarity and because we are never going to receive anyone’s line, and because we are always committed to the truth, and because I will never allow myself to be imposed on the issues that I have to address or the tone with which I have to analyze things, ”he said The communicator

“I make public that the driver of‘ Éntrale without fear ’, Vicente Serrano, was respectfully suggested to try to match the tone of his language with respect to certain expressions that could have caused legal consequences for radio and television stations. Unlike social networks, and other platforms transmitted over the Internet, The Eighth is subject to the Federal Radio and Television Law which, in its 5th article, obliges dealers to raise language ownership”, Said Aguirre Abdo in the text.

The CEO of Grupo Radio Centro considered that Serrano could misunderstand “these conversations speeding conclusions and his decision.”

Finally, Aguirre Abdo said that as a result of this situation, a “negotiation process that could achieve the termination of a commercial contract in which the parties signed obligations, a document independent of the existing labor contract,” is carried out.

Neither line nor censorship in the journalism of La Octava: Shipyard

For his part, journalist Julio Hernandez, Astillero, editorial director of La Octava, said that he never gave a “line” or “attempted censorship” to Vicente Serrano, with whom prior to his resignation he met to achieve a bridge of understanding that would help not escalate this “conflict.”

“As editorial director I never gave a line, instruction, or attempt to censure absolutely any of my fellow journalists who form the information bar of La Octava. I refer particularly to my own program, that of Ricardo Raphael, that of Alvaro Delgado and Paez Varela, and of course that of Serrano himself. Never, ever, never imposed a hint of censorship on anything of my fellow journalists.

“There is no doubt, there is not only in sight but in the ear, what has been achieved in a year of building a true critical journalism, honest, different, absolutely different. Voices entered, absolutely distant from what has always been mentioned in that scheme of that electronic journalism – television and radio – dominated by the same old radio voices. In the night, at noon, in the morning, walking around with each other.

“Vicente Serrano, Alvaro Delgado, Alejandro Paez Varela, entered this space at the opinion tables Ruben Luengas, Nancy Flores, Arturo Cano, Miguel Badillo, Las Musqueteras with Carolina Rocha, Elisa Alanis, Marcela Gomez Zalce; and all kinds of topics have been touched.

“It seems to me absolutely unfair to upset the journalistic work of my colleagues for reasons given by only one of them who has determined to leave Radio Centro, La Octava, mentioning reasons that from my point of view are not valid, ”he said.

Then the complete video with the position of Julio Hernandez, Astillero.

Last Wednesday, January 22, Vicente Serrano added in his farewell: “So far has come ‘Enter it without fear’, for your support, for your trust, thanks and for my part, I can only say that always, no matter the money , things don’t matter, the most important thing is your support. Always, I am always here to speak, as the chayoteros do not dare, do not care or do not suit them, because they will not bite the hand that swallows them. ”

“For my colleagues, for those who have given their lives to speak the truth, they will not shut us up … see you where always: in social networks, in ‘Without Censorship’,” he said in reference to his program transmitted via Youtube.

“Thank you for the opportunity to the Aguirre family, the La Octava family and the Radio Centro family, but out of conviction we leave it here, as friends, it is worth more, it is better that we leave it here and I hope you accept the resignation of through this medium because there is nothing more important than dignity … than to speak with the truth, because I can boast that the joaquinitos and the Lopez Doriga and the Ciro Gomez Leyva persecute us because they cannot have the dignity and courage to speak as I speak, ”he said.

“With the lump in my throat and despite the threats of death, I say: thank you for putting up with us, thank you for supporting us, but about the dignity of this server and that of my team, nothing,” he concluded.

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