Work accident in a butcher shop: the victim had to learn to speak and walk again


This is what Olivier Bouchard confided in his testimony on Monday at the trial of his former bosses.

On November 10, 2016, the employee climbed a small ladder to place meat in a chopper before tripping. His arm and head got stuck in the chopper.

The former owner, Bernard Huot, and his son Carl Huot are charged with criminal negligence.

Physical and psychological consequences

Olivier Bouchard has suffered serious aftereffects, including two scars of about six inches on the left side of the head.

His first memory after the accident: waking up in the hospital. He stayed there for two months. His arm muscle was cut and he sustained serious head injuries.

After hospital, he spent three months full-time in a rehabilitation center, where he learned to speak and walk again.

Since the accident, Olivier Bouchard has lived with memory problems. During his interrogation, he said that he did not remember events that took place before the tragedy.

My memory is playing tricks on me. I don’t know what I ate yesterday.

Drug use

Questioned in cross-examination on his drug use, the witness replied I do not know almost all defense matters.

However, he claims to have smoked pot three or four times a week in the evening in the past. job“,” text “:” But I never smoked on the job “}}” lang = “en”>But I never smoked on the job, he assures.

Olivier Bouchard also claims to have had epilepsy since the accident, to have no motivation, to have mood swings and to sleep often. Like there, I want to go to bed again.

Stop the chopper

The defense tried to find out in cross-examination whether Olivier Bouchard knew that the chopper had to be stopped before putting meat in with a stop button.

To make the machine functional, an electrician had to bypass the safety device that prevented the machine from working when its cover was open.

During the preliminary investigation, the victim said that a colleague had mentioned it to him, but at a hearing on Monday, he said that he did not remember it.

Defense lawyer Renald Beaudry wanted to show Olivier Bouchard photos of the chopper to refresh his memory. Judge Annie Trudel will take her decision under advisement.

The Crown’s evidence is scheduled to end on Tuesday with the testimony of investigators from the Standards, Fairness, Occupational Health and Safety Commission (CNESST). The defense will then hear the two accused.

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