Stolen beer mug returns to the Hofbrauhaus after 55 years


After more than half a century, a 73-year-old American has returned a beer mug that was stuck in her youth to the famous Munich Hofbrauhaus. The earthenware jug arrived completely unexpectedly by post last week, spokesman Tobias Ranzinger said on Monday. “On December 27th, she sent the jug out, and we received it last Thursday – intact and with a nice card,” said Ranzinger. The Hofbrauhaus had published the news about the return of the jug on Facebook, several media had reported.

“I took the stone jug from your house in the summer of 1965 when I was wild, ruthless, and thoughtless,” the woman from Maryland explained on the map by hand. “I’m sorry I didn’t return it earlier.” Signature: Celeste. What brought Celeste to the late return also remained a mystery to the Hofbrauhaus. “Your motivation is unclear, but we are pleased that people have had a connection to our house for so long,” said Ranzinger. Celeste should now receive an invitation to free beer.

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