Valentine’s Day: according to a study, Argentina is the most unfaithful country in Latin America


February 13, 2020 15:10

An investigation revealed that Argentina took first place in the infidelity ranking. They are followed by Chile and Brazil.

On the eve of Valentine's Day, Argentina is the most unfaithful country in Latin America
On the eve of Valentine’s Day, Argentina is the most unfaithful country in Latin America.

One day after landing on February 14, couples begin to behave in a more romantic way; think gifts, gestures and surprises that can rekindle the flame of the relationship. However, there are those who use another way to awaken that fire: infidelity. Although in recent years the idea of ​​polyamory and open relationships emerged, infidelities continue to occur as they did decades ago. According to a study, Argentina takes first place in the ranking of infidelities in Latin America.

The research was carried out by a social network aimed at unfaithful people, which includes all Latin American countries. She is called “Second Love.” While the ranking is very even, Argentina tops the list. The countries that Next are Chile and Brazil. Then, they are followed by Mexico, Colombia and Uruguay.

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The study revealed that the most active women are Argentine and Uruguayan. It states that the former are the most desired in the region thanks to their sensuality, strong personality and attractive style of dress. In turn, they are the most daring when looking for a person to be unfaithful to their partner. While they prefer Argentines and Uruguayans, the Chileans are the ones who look for them the most.

Another important detail that made the report known was that 78% of married men and 70% of married women said they would have an extramarital relationship during some time in their life.

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