Germany: Altmaier wants to loosen 1000-meter distance rule for wind turbines – news


A spokeswoman for Altmaiers told the dpa on Tuesday that the expansion of wind energy will only progress if the federal and state governments pull together. “So we put forward a proposal: the 1000 meter distance regulation applies and forms the principle, but the countries can deviate and determine the interpretation.” This gives countries and municipalities the necessary planning freedom to secure areas for wind development and at the same time to ensure local acceptance for wind power.

The expansion of wind power is currently paralyzing. One reason for this is resistance from residents to wind farms. Union politicians had called for the 1000-meter rule to increase acceptance. There is, however, a dispute between the SPD and the Union about the design – the question was, for example, where exactly the 1000 meter distance should be kept, for example when there are only a few houses standing together. The countries should now be allowed to decide on this.

SPD circles said on Tuesday evening to Altmaier’s template: “This comes very close to our proposal.” It is important that possible distance rules of the countries do not endanger the achievement of the common 65 percent goal.

The coalition groups have been negotiating the expansion of green electricity for many months. In the meantime, country representatives have also been involved. At a federal-state meeting planned for March 12, Altmaier said that there should be a “concrete result” if possible.


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