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We know it: paying for something that we don’t use or very little is money thrown out the window. And when we talk about the Internet, it can mean several tens of dollars each month.

A Montreal company, Planhub, is reaching out to you and can help you reduce the costs of your Internet plan.

Guillaume Marcade and Nadir Marcos Mechaiekh.

Nadir Marcos Mechaiekh is the director of Planhub, which wants to help people reduce the costs of their Internet package.

Photo: CBC

The companies are there to make money. Consumers, on the other hand, must do their customer work, grasp the comparison work, know their needs well and do a shopping job., argues its director, Nadir Marcos Mechaiekh.

Planhub is known above all for its cell phone plan comparator. But at the request of the show The bill, the company has developed a questionnaire that helps identify the real needs of Internet users, who must answer eight simple questions such as: how often does your household download large files?

Along with the director of Planhub, The bill met two households in Montreal to find out if it is possible to save money thanks to the Internet plan comparator.

Guy gerbal

Guy Gerbal did not think that doing business with a smaller supplier could be so advantageous.

Photo: CBC

Guy Gerbal, who has a fixed price with a large supplier, kindly welcomed us. Its monthly use is unlimited and its speed is established at 400 Mb / s. This is a lot for a single person.

Its subscription costs him $ 1,680 spread over two years, which is equivalent to $ 70 per month.

But why does the plan comparator spread the cost over a two-year period?

We realized that many operators only had promotions for one year. Then, then, the thirteenth month became beefy.

Nadir Marcos Mechaiekh

The Dandavino-Berniards and their three children also agree to receive us. They also do business with a large supplier who guarantees them unlimited monthly use, with a speed of 60 Mb / s, which seems reasonable for a family of five. Their Internet plan costs them $ 1,800 over two years, which makes $ 75 a month.

The couple in their house.

Érika Dandavino and Laurent Berniard deal with a large supplier who guarantees them unlimited monthly use.

Photo: CBC

I still find it too expensive. But I don’t know how to pay less.

Érika Dandavino

After answering the series of questions and entering the postal code, displays a long list of suppliers, from the cheapest to the most expensive. The most advantageous offer, at the time of our test, was proposed by a small supplier, Gems Telecom, which would reduce the cost of the monthly bill for the Dandavino-Berniards from $ 75 to $ 44.

Last fall, the magazine Protect yourself, under the supervision of project manager Clemence Lamarche, consulted its members to establish its own ranking of appreciation for Internet providers in Quebec. As a result, small suppliers outpace large ones.

Clémence Lamarche.

Clemence Lamarche, of Protegez-vous magazine, has established his list of appreciation for Internet providers in Quebec.

Photo: CBC

People are very happy with the prices […] and customer service. They have the impression that there is really someone who will answer their questions or solve their problems.

Clemence Lamarche

The large supplier Videotron wishes to clarify that small players are Internet resellers, that they do not have to maintain or improve their own network. He adds that multi-service offers (Internet, telephone and television) are not taken into account by Planhub.

But according to Anaïs Beaulieu-Laporte, of the Union des consommateurs, Internet users should not perpetuate their link only with large suppliers. They should trust the little ones more.

Anaïs Beaulieu-Laporte

According to Anaïs Beaulieu-Laporte of the Union des consommateurs, Internet users should trust more small suppliers.

Photo: CBC

Independent providers will rent space on the infrastructure of big players, so they use the same networks. Their service is no less reliable than that of Bell or Videotron. They are exactly the same cables.

Anaïs Beaulieu-Laporte

Guy Gerbal never thought that doing business with a smaller supplier could be so beneficial. Thanks to, Distributel offers him a plan with a lower speed, of course, but at $ 31 per month, a saving of $ 39 per month on his current plan.

I’m going to sleep poorly tonight because of you, because I’m going to say: My God, what can I do with the money that I can possibly save!

Guy gerbal

Reportage by journalist Yvan Lamontagne and director France Laroque will be broadcast on Tuesday evening on the program The bill, at 7:30 p.m. on TV HERE.


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