Investing in real estate: SCPIs make you forget the ordeal of rental investment


In order to increase their purchasing power and prepare for their retirement, the French are looking to invest in real estate in order to build up a regular and lasting annuity. While the purchase of a rental apartment requires a lot of time throughout the project, the performance SCPIs put an end to the ordeal of rental investment by freeing you from all management constraints. Explanations.


On paper, buying a rental apartment is nothing complicated and makes many French savers dream, won over by stone. But in reality, buying a rental property is a real obstacle course: you have to spend hours looking for the ideal property, dozens or even hundreds of visits, obtain financing from your bank, carry out work, finding a good tenant, ensuring all administrative procedures … In short, it is not surprising that many savers abandon their rental project along the way and turn to SCPI placement.

The SCPI or the real estate investment company allows you to invest quickly and easily in rental property, without exposing yourself to the various constraints mentioned above. In fact, all these procedures are carried out by a management company, approved by the Autorite des Marches Financiers (AMF), without you having to move your finger.

By investing in a yield SCPI, you therefore simply become the owner of a real estate portfolio in proportion to your investment and receive net rents, monthly or quarterly.

As Gabriela Kockova, manager at La Centrale des SCPI, the first national digital network dedicated exclusively to SCPI in France recalls (

“When embarking on a real estate investment, it is essential to make the right choice between a rental apartment and SCPI shares. Investors, both novices and experienced alike, are now focusing on yielding SCPIs to improve their purchasing power or prepare for retirement with great peace of mind. ”

Why SCPI remains the best rental investment?

By purchasing SCPI yield shares, the investor is content to sign a subscription form for each SCPI in which he wishes to become a partner and to regularize his investment by check or bank transfer. No visit to the property, no appointment with the notary – the process for subscribing to SCPIs is very simple and quick: in just a few days, you can become the owner of a well diversified and highly shared rental property stock.

The assets of a SCPI can be estimated at several hundred million, even several billion euros. Thus, it is made up of a multitude of rental goods, ranging from offices, to nursing homes, through warehouses, schools or housing. These properties are occupied by solid companies from various sectors of activity: finance, health, food or sport, which further strengthens rental pooling.

In addition to sector diversification, the yield SCPIs focus on geographic diversification. Among the 180 existing SCPIs, some SCPIs invest in Paris (example of SCPI Epargne Fonciere), others in all French regions (example of SCPI Epargne Pierre) and some even invest abroad, in the euro zone ( example of SCPI Eurovalys) or outside of it (example of SCPI Corum XL). This results in interesting performances since the best yield SCPIs have been bringing their partners around 6% net for several years.

As with all real estate, it is possible to buy its SCPI shares on credit or opt for an investment in SCPI in temporary dismemberment of property. No penalty, therefore, for those who wish to take advantage of the leverage effect or carry out a more extensive heritage arrangement.

As pointed out by Laurent Fages, consultant at La Centrale des SCPI:

“After having vainly sought the rental property of their dreams, many real estate investors call us on or come to meet us in our shop at 15 rue Saint-Roch in Paris in the first arrondissement to benefit from a Free and personalized study. Our clients have understood that real estate in the form of SCPI is preferable to real estate held directly which often leads to complicated situations. ”

What return SCPIs to invest in real estate in 2020?

As the world of SCPIs is also complex, to choose the best performance SCPIs it is better to be accompanied by assisted real estate savings professionals. It is a question of benefiting from a precious help for the constitution of a multi-SCPI panel which will bear fruit in the long term thanks to the perception of important dividends, in particular following the cessation of its activity.

The independent experts at La Centrale des SCPI, who advise hundreds of savers on a daily basis to make the best choices for SCPIs, have exclusively shared their favorite SCPIs for 2020 with us. By following their recommendations, your rental investment in SCPI will surely not be an ordeal.

To begin with, Thibault Le Coail, consultant at La Centrale des SCPI, recommends investing in 2020 in the SCPI Corum XL, managed by the management company Corum Asset Management:

“The diversification of this European SCPI and its competitive performance lead me to elect it as my favorite SCPI. ”

Theo Daromman, consultant at La Centrale des SCPI continues on this opportunistic SCPI:

“In my opinion, this is the SCPI star for the year 2020. The SCPI Corum XL, managed by Corum AM, invests mainly in offices and shops in Europe. The European market is dynamic and very buoyant, why not take advantage of this unique opportunity to invest in real estate? ”

To conclude, Veronique Baron, Associate Director of La Centrale des SCPI awards her 2020 crush to SCPI Activimmo, dedicated to logistics:

“Real estate investment must adapt to changes in consumption patterns. Last-mile logistics, driven by the explosion of e-commerce in France and 24-hour delivery, is the market of tomorrow. The management company Alderan understands this and has dedicated its Activimmo SCPI to investment in warehouses near major French cities. ”

By making a rental investment, the objective of savers is clear: to obtain additional income, a regular pension to improve their purchasing power or to prepare for retirement. It is therefore better to be certain of being able to collect additional income, without spending long hours managing and maintaining your rental apartment. The independent specialists of La Centrale des SCPI are at your disposal to help you succeed in your first real estate investment in SCPI shares.

If you want to understand the SCPI in a few minutes, you should not miss our educational video:


Investment in a SCPI is not guaranteed, either from the point of view of dividends received or from that of capital preservation. SCPIs depend on fluctuations in the real estate markets.

Before making any decision to buy SCPI units, seek professional advice to be sure that this investment matches your wealth profile.

Finally, like any property investment, take into account that SCPIs are long-term investments whose minimum holding period cannot be less than eight years.

Warning regarding the SCPI Corum XL

Like any property investment, the liquidity of SCPI CORUM XL is limited, the capital and the income are not guaranteed.

The risk linked to exchange rates increases the risk on income and capital.

Before any investment, check that it is suitable for the asset situation of the investor and his investment objectives.


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