Jura: Rai-tiai-tiai, this crazy Ajoulote tradition – Switzerland



The prize for the most beautiful chariot was awarded to Bure (JU), but everyone had fun during the night of Monday to Tuesday in Porrentruy (JU) on the occasion of Rai-tiai-tiai, a carnival tradition which lead the countryside in town.

The concept is to rally at night the city of the pincers-bishops, coming from Haute and Basse Ajoie. A dozen groups of young people participated in the “Rai-tiai-tiai”, on tanks pulled by tractors. The title finally returned to Bure, with a chariot built on the theme of Peasants.

Before converging on Porrentruy, the revelers made a noise through their village, according to radio RFJ. Fontenais was no exception to the rule either. For an hour, the young people found themselves warm “to taste a soup”.

It is said that a girl was injured, but from the point of view of Commissioner Dominique Vallat, the 2020 edition of “Rai-tiai-tiai” went well.

Vincent Donze

Created: 02.25.2020, 6.45 p.m.



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