Opening safes with mobile phone


It seems that the classic safes with numerical wheels are going to pass the story: the safes with opening from the mobile are already a reality.

They tell us today that FAC, a security company manufacturer of safes, has partnered with Plock, access control system of ElParking, to modernize the issue: safes will be linked to the app for opening.

At the moment it will only be possible with one of the models, the FAC Motorblue, which will have a digital key based on the application.

The objective is that the owners of the boxes can open them more easily, but also that they can give access to the contents of the boxes to other people, without the need to disclose unique passwords. With the app we can temporarily free access, since it allows the user to access and manage various metrics about the use of this lock (we will even have historical openings).

The boxes in question will have two levels of security (Protocol and application), and avoid the use of physical keys, so there is no fear of losing them or seeing how they are stolen.

Once we have the app on the mobile, available in, we can manage all the digital keys we want. Recall that we are talking about a solution that is used in co-working to give access to employees in areas and schedules, in hotels and apartments, in neighborhood communities, shops, services, industry, parking … In the latter case it allows assigning places and control who and when it has entered, which helps to obtain more security and control.

The implementation of something like that in safes seems strange, unnatural, but in a very short time it will be common. Although it may not seem like it, these digital solutions are always safer than the number hidden in a paper under the table.


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