State Government and the United Kingdom Embassy will work on a suburban transport improvement project with a gender perspective


Hermosillo, Sonora, February 25, 2020.- To promote sustainable mobility solutions to have resilient, safer and more inclusive cities, especially for girls, boys and women, Governor Claudia Pavlovich Arellano and Corin Robertson, United Kingdom Ambassador to Mexico , signed a memorandum of understanding that includes financing the collaboration through the “Cities of the Future” program.

The state president stressed that international cooperation between the United Kingdom and Sonora is strengthened with the visit of Ambassador Robertson, as well as with these programs that seek the benefit of Sonora, especially with a gender perspective, for girls and women Do not fall into school dropout or employment.

“I think that public transport is a topic, when we see the highly developed countries like the United Kingdom, you see first-world transport and that is what we want for us; and it is a fundamental issue for these women, these girls to feel supported, so that they do not disagree in their studies or in their work due to mobility, ”he said.

With this memorandum of understanding, explained the head of the State Executive, it is proposed to carry out a pilot project of an integrated public transport system for the rural east of the municipality of Hermosillo, in coordination with the Embassy of the United Kingdom, a program that only leads to The Embassy in five cities of Mexico (Mexico City, Guadalajara, Hermosillo, Monterrey and Queretaro).

This is a project presented by the architect Paloma Encinas, a collaborator of Sidur and Eng. Lirio del Castillo, of Impulsor with which the state government participated in the call launched by the Cities of the Future organization and was the winner.

Accompanied by Natalia Rivera Grijalva, head of the Office of the State Executive and Silvia Mejia, of the Cities of the Future Program of the Embassy of the United Kingdom in Mexico, the state president mentioned that in addition to the program “Cities of the Future”, it is planned to take carry out more programs for the benefit of the state’s economic development, such as clean energy, as well as student mobility actions in the United Kingdom.

The British ambassador to Mexico, Corin Robertson, highlighted the vision she shares with Governor Pavlovich of working with a gender perspective and in a sustainable way, pillars of the “Cities of the Future” program and pointed out that the signing of this document of understanding between the United Kingdom and Sonora, it will strengthen the existing cooperation and will lay the foundations for jointly exposing strategies and actions to improve the quality of life of Sonora.

He said that through the prosperity fund it will be possible to implement sustainable solutions with a gender perspective that promote economic development through the project of suburban transport of cities of the future.

“With this we will seek to improve the infrastructure of transport routes to improve the quality of life of women, girls and boys who travel daily to Hermosillo to do their daily activities, study, work, in short, make their lives, we want them safe and protected, ”he said.

The British ambassador to Mexico said that the United Kingdom Chevening Scholarship program has been strongly promoted, which is funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and partner organizations to support students with leadership potential from 160 countries to undertake master’s studies. in that country; In this case, six Sonora students were selected worldwide, and were awarded scholarships for the postgraduate course from 2015 to 2020.

Ricardo Martinez Terrazas, Secretary of Infrastructure and Urban Development (Sidur), said that the program to improve the infrastructure of transport routes to improve the quality of life of women, girls and boys, will work together with the City of Hermosillo, and the British Embassy, ​​to study the areas of opportunity to provide better service in the rural area east of Hermosillo such as San Pedro el Saucito, La Victoria, El Tazajal, Mesa del Seri, Molino de Camou, Zamora, and El Zacaton.

Present: Jorge Vidal Ahumada, Secretary of Economy; Yamilett Martinez Briseno, general director of the Office of Liaison and International Cooperation; Onesimo Mariscales Delgadillo, Undersecretary of Higher and Higher Secondary Education; Blanca Luz Saldana Lopez, director of the Sonoran Institute of Women (ISM); Enrique Velazquez Contreras, rector of the University of Sonora; Pedro Ortega Romero, rector of the State University of Sonora; Lucia Lopez Cortez, rector of the Regional Center for Vocational Teacher Training of Sonora; and Pablo Wong Gonzalez, general director of the Center for Research in Food and Development A.C (CIAD).


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