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With the "Hospiz Zentralschweiz" in Littau LU, a place will be inaugurated within a few weeks, where the terminally ill will be able to experience their last phase of life in a calm atmosphere through specialized palliative care.

On the first day of operation of the new hospice, there will be an ecumenical inauguration of the house with the Catholic parish of Littau. From the Reformed side Andreas Haas will be there. For the past year, the Reformed pastor in Zug has been President of the Board of Trustees of the Hospice Central Switzerland. With his knowledge in the fields of pastoral care, integrative and gestalt psychotherapy as well as spiritual theology he brings a lot of expertise with a.

The "Hospiz Zentralschweiz" is a matter of the heart for Andreas Haas. He says, "As a pastor, it's important to me that there are institutions like these where those affected can die in an atmosphere that's right for them."

Andreas Haas

Andreas Haas

In Andreas Haas, the foundation and management found an ally. She states: "We keep emphasizing that this is a pastoral care institution. To underline this, it was obvious to elect a parish priest as president of this foundation. "Andreas Haas emphasizes that pastoral and spiritual work is clearly the most important thing in this hospice, along with the care it takes.

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In recent months, Andreas Haas has been heavily involved in the negotiations
for the funding of pastoral care in the Hospiz Zentralschweiz. "I could
to introduce myself professionally and also to understand church structures
bring along, "says Andreas Haas, as the Catholic, Christian Catholic and
Reformed churches are involved.

This financing is now. All the regional churches of the five participating cantons of Zug, Lucerne, Uri, Nidwalden and Obwalden are supporting the new institution. According to a distribution key, they participate in the costs of pastoral care. The Roman Catholic Church has committed more than 100,000 francs for the next three years.

«He has aligned all Central Swiss churches.»

Karl Huwyler

With this amount, the position of a theologian with a 60-percent-stint should be
and the rest of the pastoral work. Expressly
Andreas Haas praises Karl Huwyler, President of the Association of Catholic Parishes in the canton of Zug
(VKKZ). "He has a tremendous amount of commitment
all Central Swiss churches aligned so that the
Financing is available. »

Zug church

he was especially pleased that the catholic
and Reformed Church train in addition to pastoral care also the Spiritual Care,
which is offered in the hospice, financially support.

Only the canton of Schwyz cuts out the funding, because he sets other priorities at the moment. However, Andreas Haas emphasizes that the Board of Trustees must continue to generate funds for the hospice.

Federica de Cesco

Federica de Cesco

The "Hospiz Zentralschweiz" (Central Switzerland Hospice) was also able to attract numerous celebrities from the world of culture, politics and business, who act as ambassadors for the concerns of this hospice. The most famous name among them is probably the writer Federica de Cesco.

for paliative care

Marie-Theres Habermacher Klingenbeck, who as a psychotherapist has a further education in Spiritual Care, forms a part of this team together with the pastoral worker. For Marie-Theres Habermacher Klingenbeck, spiritual care requires the "unconditional ability of staff to be open to psychological, existential, religious and spiritual issues, as well as to listen attentively." The Spiritual Care team offers in-depth information to patients and their relatives Talk about these questions.

Further tasks of the Spiritual
Care teams are offers in the field of funeral accompaniment, rituals, celebrations,
Networking activities and public relations.

Marie-Theres Habermacher Klingenbeck mentions various reasons why she wants to contribute in this hospice with all her experiences. "My way of life and work," she says, "has shown me that meeting your opponent in open-mindedness, loving compassion, attention, and a sense of unspoken questions will open unimagined doors."

Projektbild Hospiz Zentralschweiz

Projektbild Hospiz Zentralschweiz

By her own long-term meditative and spiritual path and by the own consternation with the death by her cancer-stricken friends as well as in the death and mourning accompaniment she also realized that attention in conversations means in the last phase of life or in loss times home. She is convinced that "the seriously ill can die with dignity and without fear."


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