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Johnson: Sender Replaces Premier with Melting Ice Sculpture


The channel 4 Channel had invited the party leaders for the broadcast on Thursday evening – Boris Johnson and Brexit party boss Nigel Farage had refused, tweeted the station.

Sender replaces British premier by melting ice sculpture

Then they decided to put two ice sculptures in the form of the globe, which should embody the plight on this planet, in their places. The sculpture on Johnson's Square had the inscription "Conservatives" (Conservatives).

The Tories then turned to the country's media regulators and complained that the action was a "provocative partisan trick." The agency must act against Channel 4 because the broadcaster violated its impartiality obligations, the BBC reported.

Previously, Minister of State Michael Gove had tried to take the place of Johnson – and had been dismissed. Channel 4 editor Ben de Pear justified the behavior: only party leaders were invited to the debate.

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