USON Nevers wins on the wire against Beziers: relive the match in live conditions

The Neversois needed points. They finally got four, this Friday, November 29, in late match of the 5e day, snatching the win after the mermaid, thanks to a successful penalty by Zack Henry (16-13).
This same Zack Henry who opened the scoring, after a boring first period, whistled on the score of 3-0. This same Zack Henry who failed to pass the ball between the poles, like Jaminet, late in the game, leaving the Biterrois hope to snatch the draw. In the meantime, Arroyo's essay had answered that of Fabrègue, the only one of the meeting for Nevers. And the Neversois thought they had done the hardest by leading 13-7 after a new penalty from Henry.

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Latorre's boot had brought Beziers back to USON. But this mano a mano stuffy and indecisive, if not exciting, finally turned to the advantage of the Nivernais, four minutes after the siren. The whole stadium jumped up when Henry gave the victory to his family!

Relive the game through our live stream below.


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