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Harald Schmidt is relaxed about doomsday scenarios


The cabaret artist and actor Harald Schmidt (62) reacts calmly to negative news. "What have you not already experienced in the end of the world scenarios, and yet the sun rises," said Schmidt the newspapers of the spark media group.

When asked if he really worried about any topic of world politics, Schmidt replied: "Not that I know." When US President Donald Trump, the headlines changed constantly, a right-shift "I do not perceive" and Brexit at the last minute but still "pulled something out of the bag": "All this excitement dissolve at some point by itself." Only the topic pension would be really big in view of the demographic change: "But otherwise I see everything with a Mediterranean relaxation."

Is the cabaret really serious? Schmidt's answer to the question of whether his partner shares this relaxed attitude, leaves at least doubt: "I can give you a fantasy answer, as always," said Schmidt.


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