Parents of students seize the rectorate concerning a teacher, wrestling champion


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A teacher from Oise, wrestling champion, is the subject of proceedings against her. Her double life as a wrestling teacher has not been to the taste of parents. They alerted the rectorate.

26 years old, teacher and wrestling champion. Under the name "French Hope", a young teacher from Oise embodies one of the hopes of French professional wrestling. In September, the young woman made her return to Belle-Assise kindergarten in the Oise. But at the end of the month, the magazine Stade 2 devoted a report to its exceptional course. Following this release, student parents expressed concern about the compatibility of these two activities.

Last year, Amale Dib was already working in a nursery school, in Auneuil, without difficulties. "She is very gentle with children, I have never seen her upset, she does not have a word higher than the other. So, I still find it hard to imagine doing the bad … "explained the director of the establishment in Paris.

Since October 14th, Amale Dib is on sick leave. She was replaced by another school teacher. "The inspection pays the greatest attention to the situation of this school and this class," said the rectorate.


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