Villarreal: Performance by Francis Coquelin


Francis Coquelin It is made of another paste. The French midfielder reappeared as a starter in Mestalla and did so through the big door. With discomfort, agonizing at times, but being vital in defense so that the Valencia CF will take the three points against the Villarreal CF.

Coquelin was the holder for the first time since he was injured last October 30 before the Sevilla FC. A month later, the French midfielder returned to eleven. He already had minutes in the final leg of the match that was played last Wednesday against Chelsea FC in Champions League, but the needs of the team caused him to start this Saturday against Villarreal CF.

Celades did not have many more options and Coquelin stepped forward. I was not 100% but made an effort. His role was important. He did not stop working while the physicist allowed it. Even when the gas had run out he drew strength from where there was none to stop the Villarreal's rush.

In total, Coquelin finished with 93% success in the pass (40 passes completed of 43 attempts).

He ended up with discomfort

Coquelin during Valencia - Villarreal (Photo: David González).
Coquelin during Valencia – Villarreal (Photo: David Gonzalez).

After so much downtime, the effort took its toll on Francis Coquelin. The midfielder finished the game with discomfort in the inner part of the right thigh. He had to stretch whenever the party granted a truce and was seen to limp clearly.

In spite of everything, he wanted to continue on the grass. Aware that the team needed him to defend the advantage on the scoreboard. After 82 minutes he ran out of gas and Celades decided to grant him a truce. Canterano Vicente Esquerdo entered his place.

We will have to see if the effort takes its toll in the short term or may be available again for the next Valencia CF matches.


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