Sebastian Vettel's future at Ferrari uncertain


What comes for Sebastian Vettel in the new season of Formula 1?
Picture: dpa

At the season finale of Formula 1 Sebastian Vettel has the last chance to end a perverse season conciliatory. And then? At the end of his fifth year in the service of Ferrari questions arise.

KIndians do it slowly. That's what childless Formula One drivers like to claim when their colleagues welcomed new blood. Until Michael Schumacher won the world championship five times in a row, became a record champion – admired by his daughter and son. Since then, the industry doubts about this racing wisdom, even looking for the confirmation of a new: Fathers make fast! This is how Max Verstappen sees Red Bull's best answer to serial star Lewis Hamilton.

Anno Hecker

In the junior series F2 sees Mick Schumacher on the right track in Formula 1. In this respect, Sebastian Vettel may have done something for the future of Formula 1, insofar as they trust in twenty years, still only young men. This week he became a father for the third time, this time a boy. This can confuse the work-life balance of a family man with an exotic job: "I'd like to," said Vettel, "stayed home." But the Ferrari driver still has something to do this Sunday in Abu Dhabi. The finale of Formula 1 is coming up (14.10 CET in the F.A.Z. Liveticker for Formula 1, on RTL and Sky).


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