The Eiffel Tower in the Capdenac sky!


Alain Lacombe took two years to build an amazing replica of the Parisian monument.

It's December 13, 2017. That's when Alain Lacombe went from dream to reality. That day that carpenter carpenter roofer Capdenac-Gare began construction of an almost perfect replica of the Eiffel Tower. At the beginning, a discussion with his daughter, Marine, who kindly encourages him to do "something big" to serve as a fireworks fire that he himself draws on July 14, as president from the local festival committee. Why not the Eiffel Tower? And that's how the idea slowly sprouted, in the sweet sun of three site visits, in Paris, and in the shadow of plans, sketches and original drawings of the Parisian building.

Two years later, Alain Lacombe's Eiffel Tower is almost finished. This weekend, or in the coming days, the summit, which he has just completed in his workshop of craftsman of the zone of the Rotunda, will be posed on the four elements already bolted. To get there, more than 2,500 hours of work, almost daily, 18 hours to 20 hours, and 10 tons of structural steel will have been needed.

Alain Lacombe, which is not the job, has cut, shaped, assembled, welded kilometers of metal rods. The result is striking. "I'm not the first to make a miniature Eiffel Tower," says Capdenacois, "but I claim the status of a copy, and I would not go so far as to say that my tower is a retail replica, but not far away. I have tried to reproduce the original as much as possible. "

The friezes and steel scrolls adorning the arches of the first floor are thus the same as those seen on the original tower. The Carpenter Capdenacois pushed the detail to offer the same number of crossed irons, to present similar axes of curvature. The technical prowess is all the more remarkable as it has long worked with the means of the edge, before acquiring these last few months some more adapted tools.

The installation of the fifth and final element of the Eiffel Tower made in Lacombe, in the hours or days that come, will not be the end of the story. Its creator has already planned to affix over the arches the names of the volunteers of the Capdenac holiday committee, as Eiffel was able to do in his day with the names of great scientists of the time. The set, disassembled for transport, will take by next summer the route of the Berges stadium, on the banks of the Lot River, and will be used to support the fire of the 14th of July.

The first outcome of an adventure that its author says to have lived with serenity. "It never took my head, it was only fun, my wife and three daughters have always supported me, and for now I have no other plans."

If not, and it comes to what could be the second culmination of this extraordinary adventure, to attract the Olympic flame to Capdenac. Just that. In this "ultimate" goal, Alain Lacombe intends to tirelessly wrestle with the Capdenacoise Eiffel Tower as the main argument (read below).


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