Thorgal, Corto Maltese, Largo Winch … the stars of comics on the test bench


This end of the year is marked by the release of several comics well known to fans of the genre. From the adventures of XIII, in the 37th volume of Thorgal to the investigations of Blake and Mortimer, here is our selection to devour before Christmas.

XIII: the new beginning

At the top of a water tower, a sniper is training: he must reach a target located more than … 2 km away. Few men are capable of it. Except perhaps Jason Mac Lane, aka XIII. The exercise is a test case: he must prove his loyalty to the Mayflower Foundation, an ultra-conservative organization that wants to take power. XIII has decided to infiltrate it but things will quickly get complicated …

We take the same and start again ! After a volume 25 that recounted the whole story of XIII, the time of a new start rang for the hero with the white wick, with this volume 26 in the form of "reboot". And it's finally nice: we let ourselves be caught by this well-crafted scenario and this familiar graphic universe. A bit like reading … an old XIII.


"XIII – 2,132 meters", Yves Sente and Yuri Jigunov. Ed Dargaud. 48 pages. 12 euros.

Thorgal facing his demons

«Thorgal - The Hermit of Skellingar» / ED LE LOMBARD
«Thorgal – The Hermit of Skellingar» / ED LE LOMBARD

Back in his village, with his family, Thorgal is attacked by a woman in his sleep. She wants revenge for the crimes he committed when he was shaygan-without-thank you. She is one of the disciples of the Hermitage of Skellingar, who reigns over a rocky island where blue birds are kings. According to her, they are being persecuted by Ivarr-le-Glace, the local chief. To redeem himself, Thorgal promises to intervene. But the situation is more complicated than expected.

For this volume 37 of the adventures of the Viking hero, Frederic Vignaux replaced the talented Grzegorz Rosiński with pencils. He is doing very well and there is enough to enjoy reading this new episode, a bill of the most classic. A little too much, maybe, to be totally packed …


"Thorgal – The Hermit of Skellingar", Yann and Frederic Vignaux. Ed. The Lombard. 48 pages. 12.45 euros.

Largo and the ghost purse

"Scarlet Sails", the 22nd volume of the adventures of Largo Winch / ED DUPUIS
"Scarlet Sails", the 22nd volume of the adventures of Largo Winch / ED DUPUIS

Thieves attacked the convoy carrying all the paper titles of the Largo Winch group. To recover them, the billionaire adventurer is summoned to go to St. Petersburg. Already pursued by the FBI that makes him responsible for a huge stock market crash, he will have to face the Russian mafia and oligarchs unfriendly, helped by a pretty but formidable agent of the FSB, the Russian secret services.

Chases, fights, pretty women, bad guys, a scenario that goes to 100 and the talent intact to the drawings of Philippe Francq. This new episode of the adventures of Largo Winch, end of a diptych started in 2017, has everything to delight the fans. We just regret the somewhat complex explanations of the mysteries of finance today …


"Largo Winch – Scarlet Sails", of Eric Giacometti and Philippe Francq. Ed Dupuis. 48 pages. 14.95 euros.

Mortimer among the immortals

"Blake & Mortimer, Valley of the Immortals, Volume 2" / BLAKE AND MORTIMER
"Blake & Mortimer, Valley of the Immortals, Volume 2" / BLAKE AND MORTIMER

By Jove! In Hong Kong, Professor Mortimer was kidnapped by the ruthless Olrik, concealed under the guise of Mister Chase. The latter does not hesitate to deliver it to a Chinese warlord, the terrible Xi-Li. With mister Chou, unsavory character, he manages to escape. But it is under threat that he must help the latter to find a mythical place, the Valley of the immortals, source of power and wealth. Meanwhile, Captain Blake does everything to find his friend. But also prevent Olrik from stealing an English secret weapon …

Continued from "Threat on Hong Kong," this new album brings our two heroes into thrilling exotic adventures, in the heart of the forest and the History of China, featuring Colonel Olrik. Less "talkative" than the previous one, well paced, the album is also a real graphic success, in the vein of the old "Blake and Mortimer".


"Blake and Mortimer – The Valley of the Immortals, Volume 2", from Sente Berserick and Van Dongen. Ed Dargaud. 56 pages. 15.95 euros.

But where do you come from Corto Maltese?

Corto Maltese - The day of Tarowean / Casterman
Corto Maltese – The day of Tarowean / Casterman

At the request of the Mad Monk, Corto Maltese and Rasputin must release a young Samoan from a sordid prison in Tasmania. "The unfortunate", it is his nickname, is called to play a determining role in the conflicts which oppose the tribes in a rosary of Polynesian islands, under European domination. Very soon, the handsome sailor will find himself in the middle of these struggles and make, on both sides, many more enemies than friends …

Attention, prequel! This new album goes back to the origin of the series since its last image is the first of "The ballad of the salt sea" (1975). The exercise was dangerous. The two authors are doing very well, delivering an exciting album from start to finish and very successful graphically.


"Corto Maltese – The day of Tarowean", Juan Diaz Canales and Ruben Pellejero. Ed Casterman. 80 pages. 16 euros.


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