Weather week ahead: cold, strong frosts and thunderstorms in Corsica


Through Gilles MATRICONmeteorologist

Next week will be characterized by an anticyclonic weather, quite cold and generally dry. The frosts will be frequent in the morning, sometimes strong in plain. In addition to bad weather in Italy, the extreme southeast of the country will be affected by heavy rainfall.

An anticyclone settles on the basin of the Channel next week. He rejects bad weather to Spain and Italy. We will therefore enjoy a quiet week, after the bad weather and rains of November.

From the cold, fogs but also thunderstorms in Corsica

On Monday, showers will occur from the Jura to the Alps to the Pyrenees through the Massif Central. North of the Loire, the weather will be calm despite a risk of downpour on the Channel. The cold feeling will be accentuated by the Bise.

Tuesdayafter the very slow dissipation of fog and low clouds in the plains and valleys of the northeast and central-east, the clearings will be required. Near the Mediterranean, the sky will often be veiled, on the sidelines of the bad weather that will prevail in Corsica and the Pyrenees-Orientales. The frosts will be generalized in ¾ of the country in the morning, with minimum around -5 ° C on the Great East.

From Wednesday to Friday, the weather will change little with the continuation of a calm but sometimes foggy weather on the ¾ of the territory and a more threatening sky around the Mediterranean with a risk of showers, and always strong thunderstorms to dread in Corsica. The cold will remain topical, especially in the morning, before fading in the end.

A dry cold

Throughout the week, the frosts will be frequent on the ¾ of the country in the morning, sometimes strong north of the Seine, with minimal towards -5 ° C on the Great East until Franche-Comte and in Auvergne Rhône -Alps. The shores of the Mediterranean will be spared. In the afternoon, the maximum will range from 3 to 5 ° C in the east to 7 to 9 ° C in the west to 10 ° C in the south with spikes at 15 ° C from the coast from Azur to Corsica. These temperatures will be close to or slightly lower than those of January in the ¾ of the country.


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