Another Legislature knocks on the door: it will last shortly, it is to be feared – Fernando Jauregui


Seen from the Cenacles and mentideros of the capital, Spanish politics seems a real nonsense. This Tuesday opens a Legislature (the fourteenth) that nobody knows yet if it will be consolidated in an investiture of Pedro Sanchez, or when, or how. Although what everyone seems to think is that it will be short: there seems to be no wickers to consolidate a situation that goes away, it leaves us, from the hands. And, thus, this Tuesday, already fully immersed in the 'climate summit', something that should monopolize all our attention, we peek into the abyss of a new encounter, who knows if the final one – my bet is that it will not be yet -, between the socialism that governs us in functions and that Republican Esquerra de Catalunya that what it wants is to govern precisely there, in Catalonia. But no, I fear, consolidate the firmness of the foundations of the State, which is what, naively or foolishly, the central government (acting) asks.

That we are all in the hands of Esquerra, that party now presided over by a man imprisoned for sedition against that same State, but who is the one who wins the Catalan allegations, is obvious. That this is dangerous, even more obvious. But ERC is the fifth parliamentary force, which is decisive for the PSOE to form its coalition with United We can and can carry out the investiture of Pedro Sanchez and is necessary, both to have it and to force majorities so as not to have to have it , take it into account. I think that Pablo Casado's PP cannot be expected to lend a hand – this Monday, Casado reaffirmed his refusal – to a Pedro Sanchez who, in any case, has already chosen to look to his left. Other "imaginative" amounts of seats, to leave out the independentists, are also quite complicated for me.

And this is the preamble, the prelude, of the beginning of this Legislature after almost four years of practical paralysis of Parliament, which is far from fulfilling the functions of a normalized Legislature in a democratic country. If that PSOE-UP Coalition Executive is constituted, closely monitored by a grown ERC and who knows that he can achieve much of this situation, I suspect that the fourteenth Legislature will be brief. But it will consolidate the break with what the first Transition of 1978 meant, it will enlarge the ‘crack’ in the national coexistence of which he recently spoke, it seems to me that with unease, Felipe Gonzalez. And, of course, it will contribute to the strengthening of the ‘two Spain’. All an achievement.

I know that, outside the Villa and Corte (and this Monday I had the opportunity to check it out once again, now in Ciudad Real), things do not look so dramatic, although not even the best intention of myopia on the periphery I could say that Spain is experiencing a moment of political normality; Nothing is further from reality. The (anti) system devours its own animators. The alarm voices multiply, and there is that call of attention of so many constituent parliamentarians, who see the best of the past diluted without the worst being fixed. Gentlemen, the fourteenth Legislature knocks on the door. Come in and see.


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