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In order to reinforce surveillance and inhibit crimes in commercial areas, as well as a greater influx of citizens, the XXIII Ensenada City Council, headed by Mayor Armando Ayala Robles, through the Municipal Public Security Directorate, began the Operation Safe December.

During the official event held today next to the Revolution Park, to give the starting signal for the scheduled actions from December 1 to 24, the municipal president informed that more than 80 agents were assigned, and 33 official vehicles.

The elements of the local corporation will carry out preventive tours in patrol radio cars, motorcycles, bicycles and on foot, mainly in shops in the first square of the city, as in delegations.

These activities will be carried out jointly by the National Guard, the Secretary of the Navy, the Ministry of National Defense, the State Security and Investigation Guard, the General Directorate of Highway Safety and the State Attorney General's Office.

“We will monitor and we will protect the citizens in the Central Zone, colonies and 22 delegations, because we know that at this time there is a greater amount of money for the payment of bonuses, and families like to make purchases and gifts for the celebrations of December ”, Stressed the first mayor.

For his part, the Director of Municipal Public Security, Luis Felipe Chan Baltazar, announced that the participation of the authorities of the three levels of government in this operation, is one of the achievements made by the mayor in the security table.

"I appreciate the support of the various corporations, which are collaborating closely with the Municipal Police, to provide peace of mind to citizens, and the festivities are developed without events to regret," said the official.

Integral Coordination

During their participation, the Fire Department director, Mauricio Gonzalez Navarro, and the head of the Municipal Civil Protection Unit, Julio Cesar Obregon Angulo, mentioned that they will inspect fireworks outlets. They also urged the population to take extreme precautions in handling fire and electrical connections.

The president of the Business Coordinating Council of Ensenada, Carlos Ibarra Aguiar, considered this type of action important to guarantee the safety of people, following up on the remarkable results obtained in the management of the municipal president.

To carry out the flag, the secretary of the XXIII City Council of Ensenada was present; Ruben Best Velasco; trustee, Elizabeth Munoz Huerta; and the undersecretary of State Government, Joaquin Bolio Garcia.

On behalf of Sedena, Captain Edel Lopez Carrasco; the commander of the GESI, Jorge Gabriel Macias; the councilor Brenda Valenzuela Tortoledo; the director of Social Welfare, Eduardo Vega Zamora; of the Second Naval Region, Captain Jose Marroquin Carrizales.

Also of the General Directorate of Road Safety, the inspector Eduardo Escalera Loaiza; the commander of the State Research Agency, Christian Armando Mouett Quinonez; of the National Guard, Lieutenant Armando Lopez Morales; President of the National Chamber of Commerce, Jorge Menchaca Sinencio; and the president of the Public Safety Citizen Committee, Faisal Diaz Nassif.

It should be added that at the end of the event, the mayor along with the authorities, representatives of organizations and citizens, went to the Police Mobile Booth installed next to the Revolution Park, on Obregon Avenue, between Sixth and Seventh streets, with which They will attend reports and coordinate actions to strengthen security in the area.

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