Chapultepec IV of the Military Field


At the end of the month, the preinvestment studies will conclude with 13 million 978 thousand pesos for the fourth section 2 of Chapultepec Forest, in charge of the Ministry of Territorial and Urban Agrarian Development. The land is within the facilities of Military Field N ° 1-F and is intended to resolve the passage of the Mexico-Toluca Interurban Train, build 924 military homes, improve the drainage system and integrate and strengthen the social fabric.

The property is in a residential and commercial area of ​​great vehicular traffic that connects Santa Fe with Observatory; the surrounding areas have limited access to education, sports, culture, and parks, and with social problems of insecurity, violence and addictions. It should be remembered that within the modernization of the military industry, the Sedena moved military, industrial and residential facilities to Puebla and seeks to prevent the property from being invaded with irregular settlements and sources of pollution.

The diagnosis must include all the characterization and demand of the traditional public transport system in addition to the Mexico-Toluca Intercity Train and the Cablebus; study of the real estate market comparable to the main parks in Mexico City, shopping centers, parks, attractions, museums and tourist routes. In addition, a file with database, calculation memory and plans on the definitive solutions for the hydrological analysis of the urban basin, characterization of the dam and dam, hydrological study of the polygon, analysis of the Potable Water Network and the System of Sanitation.

Room together

Gicsa Group, of Elias Cababie Daniel, will formalize a financing with Goldman Sachs for about 15 billion pesos that includes debt issuance in dollars and pesos to be placed in stock markets in Mexico and abroad. It seeks to consolidate ownership of ownership and / or flows related to the Culiacan Forum, Torre Esmeralda III, Masaryk 111, City Walk, Cuernavaca Forum, Puebla Explanada, Queretaro Promenade, Merida Island and Pachuca Esplanade … The Coahuila coal mining region and the Sonora River basin are areas in which the Minas sub-secretariat, in charge of Francisco Quiroga, works with the support of the Mining Chamber of Mexico, of Fernando Alanis, to boost productivity in a context of environmental respect. The value chain of the CFE, the main coal buyer in the country, is certified in Coahuila, and in Rio Sonora the idea that localities are contaminated by mining collapses … Airbnb, the largest digital hosting platform in the country world, collects in Mexico City the lodging tax since June 2017 and so far has paid more than 90 million pesos.

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