Clan crime: Clan chief of Magdeburg in court


Under large security arrangements since Monday at the district court Magdeburg against Abd M. is negotiated. The district court was surrounded by masked and armed policemen, in the courtroom ten security guards provided security.

The Lebanese is said to have had a key position in the Magdeburg drug scene according to prosecutors. He should have connections to the Miri clan in Bremen and the Abou Chaker clan in Berlin. In addition to drug trafficking, the defendant is also accused of violating gun rights.

35-year-old Abd M., who was born in a Lebanese bunker on an indefinite day in 1984 and is stateless, is accused of drug trafficking to a significant extent and possession of weapons as well as assault. He faces between five and fifteen years imprisonment.

Even before the prosecutor read the indictment, the three defense lawyers filed motions. They accused the prosecutor of being biased and requested to replace the lawyer. In addition, the term "godfather of Magdeburg", which is used in the media for the defendant, is a prejudice.

The trial is scheduled to continue on Tuesday. In the coming weeks, the court wants to hear numerous witnesses.


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