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Some things can be blamed on Servette FC. His guilty concentration difference on the only success of the match (48th), the fact of having waited the last quarter of an hour to truly throw himself body and soul forward, his clumsiness in the ultimate gesture, perhaps even his will to keep the ball on the ground and never to have decided to swing on the flooded lawn of Lugano. Improvement leads, which would probably have led to a better result, there are some, it is undeniable. And the simple fact of having lost in Ticino, a duel "within reach" (with all the quotes that requires), must lead to think about it. Still, the Genevans did not betray themselves Sunday. Better, they played to win. A little more about the end than the beginning of the match, it's true, but the will was clearly there. Does it have the same value as one or three points? In the short term, no. Lugano has returned to two lengths, the gap with the bar does not increase, the operation can not be considered good. On a more global level, however, it is already a little more to rejoice.

Because the time Servette was looking for, fumbling from match to match, is still not so far away. There was the start of the championship driven by the euphoria of the promotion, of course, but the result turned out to be much less glamorous. It was necessary to adapt this style which earned him so much praise in Challenge League on the top floor, integrate the reinforcements, get all players to their full potential to find the eleven who must pull the team forward. And this phase, it must be remembered, was laborious.

To be convinced, it is enough to plunge back into the first leg and the reception of Lugano at Praille. A half-goal opportunity, ninety minutes spent defending or circulating the ball without life, too few automatisms. The height? The troupe of Alain Geiger, this evening in late September, had snatched a point, a little by a miracle. Sunday at Cornaredo, there was no reward at the end of the battle. But stopping at this cold accounting statement would be terribly incomplete. Because the content proposed by the Servettians this weekend is a thousand times higher than that of the first leg.

In its position, the SFC is not constrained and forced to stick to the result to assess the quality of a performance. European places seem confiscated by the Young Boys trio – Basel – St. Gallen and the last two rows remain at a very comfortable distance. The Genevans therefore have plenty of time to conquer certainty after certain, as they have done very well for months, without questioning the slightest counter-performance. Because to mope after a random setback in the middle of Cornaredo's pennies could not be more counterproductive. Especially after this month of November with an immaculate record (three games, nine points).

In essence, a progression like that of Servette can not be linear. It fluctuates. It is influenced, too, by success. A good match without baraka (Alex Schalk and Miroslav Stevanovic have hit the amounts Sunday) after two great performances where everything turned in the right direction does not mean that the Garnet regress. To better judge the current level of the neo-promoted, you just have to make a jump of two or three months in the past. A gap already separates these two realities.

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