From classic to popular, Il Volo


With 10 years on the music scene, Gianluca Ginoble, Ignazio Boschetto and Piero Barone, members of Il VoloThey are proud to sing classical music outside the opera houses, but also to fuse their voice with popular themes that bring them closer to more people. So they do not rule out including songs from their repertoire Aztec land

We love Mexican music. Last September we sang with Mariachi Cielito Lindo, and we would like to interpret songs by Luis Miguel. We love what is done here, they have great voices and composers", Gianluca commented, he even joked that his partner Ignazio looks a bit like Vicente Fernandez.

His admiration for national music is shown on his most recent album 10 Years – The best of, in which they made a special edition for Mexico with two covers by Jose Jose, "The sad" and "The ship of oblivion", because he was one of the artists who most admired and shared some moments when he met him a few years ago in a hotel of the CDMX: "We will always remember it with a smile and it will stay in our hearts".


The trio said that they listen to reggaeton, but they would not change their musical genre, because they propose to the young classical themes, which "That's why they are not old, the classic means that they will never die". They started at age 14, They feel that music chose them to give an alternative and they know that quality will prevail. "There is a song and genre for every mood and our music touches the soul", he claimed Ignazio.

For Piero Throughout these 10 years, they have managed to captivate young people, in fact they found people from Asia who learn Italian inspired by their songs, so they demonstrate that they have talent: "We know that we have responsibility and our message is that if you want to do something, do it with discipline".


Faced with the scandal surrounding Placido Domingor, that more than 20 women accused him of sexual harassment, which is why the tenor resigned from his position as general director of the Los Angeles Opera (LA Opera), the young people commented that he is a person they admire and who encouraged them to study the genre in depth.

We met his family and what we can say is that he is a wonderful person who gave us the opportunity to remember great opera and supported us. We don't like to talk about fake news, everyone can say whatever they want".




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