Leo December 2, 2019 | Mizada Horoscopes | Horoscopes


(♪ music ♪)

(♪ music ♪)

(♪ music ♪)

(♪ music ♪)

(♪ music ♪)

What's up! How are you? than

Nice to greet you,

wishing you today is the

best day of your life we ​​are

starting month we are

finishing a month is already going to

finish this 2019.

and nothing less than today we have

down to jupiter in capricorn

that will accompany us until

December 2020

jupiter, planet of triumph,

success, abundance, prosperity,

benevolence in a strong sign,

awareness don't let

someone, move you from your center

you know who you are and what you want

keep walking keep going

achieving and moving forward for

I read you will receive very good


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