Mauricio Macri in Madrid: he talked about Kirchnerism, met with Pedro Sanchez and highlighted his management regarding climate change


Since landing in Madrid, Mauricio Macri is asked why Kirchnerism ruled Argentina again. He imagined that something like this would happen, so he did not have much interest in traveling but, finally, he decided to keep the word he had given to Sebastian Pinera and joined the opening of COP25, which although it is done in Spain is organized by Chile .

The query does not hide the tone of unease. AND it is made by political leaders but also by the staff of the Barajas International Airport that crossed until he boarded the car which would take him to the official residence of Argentina, where he plans to stay until he faces his trip to Rio Grande do Sul.

Is that Nestor and Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner are well-known characters in Madrid and not too dear, since there were moments of tension between both countries, what always had great importance in the Spanish media.

Tomorrow, at 10:30 (Spanish time), the President will hold a private meeting with King Felipe VI of Spain in the office of the King of the Palacio de la Zarzuela. The monarch and his wife, Queen Letizia, visited the State in March of this year, when Felipe VI explicitly supported "the reforms that are under way in Argentina" and expressed "very aware of the situation that (the Argentines ) have gone through in economic terms ”.

Macri arrived at 7:30 (European time) to Spain and after going through the official Residence of Argentina, he went to IFEMA, the convention center where the most important summit of heads of state and environmental experts is being developed that have to start a new stage in the commitments to mitigate the consequences of greenhouse gas production, which is transforming the global climate at increasingly worrying scales.

The President participated in the Opening ceremony in the Plenary Hall that was in charge of the President of the Government of Spain, Pedro Sanchez, the Secretary General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres, and the Secretary General of the Convention, Patricia Espinosa. Then he went with the heads of government who were already in IFEMA to take the official photo and was the number 11 speaker at the round table with political leaders moderated by Sanchez.

“I came to tell you personally everything we have done in Argentina during these years to fight against climate change. A few months (after assuming) we went to the country to submit a review of our Nationally Determined Contribution and created the National Climate Change Cabinet … AND we gave a strong impulse to the creation of marine protected areas, we doubled the surface of national parks, and we promoted the conservation of ecosystems and reduced emissions in the transport sector ”said the President there.

And he said that in 2015 renewable energy contributed less than 1 percent to the generation of national electricity and "This year we exceed 8 percent and in 2025 we will reach 20 percent and we project that by 2040 Argentina's power generation will be free of greenhouse gas emissions."

After lunch offered by the head of the Spanish Government and the Sanchez's meeting with Latin American presidents (there are those from Costa Rica, Honduras, Dominican Republic and Ecuador), Macri held meetings with Guterres, IDB head, Luis Alberto Moreno, and the Prime Minister of the Netherlands, Mark Rutte.

Then he returned to the Argentine Residence, where he had an encounter with Pablo Casado, the president of the Popular Party, defeated by Sanchez in the general elections, who attended accompanied by the deputy Valentina Martinez Ferro, secretary of international relations of the PP, and the deputy Pablo Hipan, chief of cabinet of Casado. On the side of Argentina, the Secretary of Strategic Affairs Fulvio Pompeo and Ambassador Ramon Puerta were present.

Macri is housed in the presidential suite of the Residence of the Argentine ambassador, the palace of Fernando El Santo street, on the edge of the Salamanca district and two blocks from Paseo La Castellana. They accompany him on General Secretary of the Presidency, Fernando De Andreis, and the President's spokesman, Ivan Pavlovksy. The secretary of Strategic Affairs, Fulvio Pompeo, also traveled But he chose to stay at a nearby hotel.

It is the first time that he spent the night in the Residence, since when In February 2017 he traveled to Spain he did it on a state visit, so he was invited to stay at the Prado Palace. They were different times. Not only because his friend Mariano Rajoy ruled, but because the "return of Argentina to the world" was a symbol that the Kirchner displaces had ended and that populism had begun its firm withdrawal from Latin America. Then, its presence in the Spanish newspapers, magazines and channels were sustained and in the street the Spaniards greeted the Argentine delegation with genuine joy.

With greetings from the Argentine community that is living in Madrid, including actor Luis Brandoni, the intense agenda of the first day of the outgoing President's trip ended.


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