not even mayor Ospina got a ballot


The line at the La Maria booth, the traditional ticket sales point for the matches of the Americas, started from the same Sunday night, after the draw of the Reds before the Junior in Barranquilla, in the first leg of the grand final of the league.

Many fans decided to 'ride' guard and spend the cold Calena night there, at the foot of the box office, to wait for the longed for Monday, the day tickets were put on sale for Saturday's duel that will crown the second semester champion.

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"Here we are … that everything is for the 'wick', said one of the fans who since Sunday took a privileged place in the booth.

During the night more red fans began to arrive, many of them 'hired' to take care of the post in exchange for 20 thousand pesos, and others with the intention of acquiring the amount allowed to go as a family to Pascual Guerrero.

On Monday morning there was already 'cheerful box office' in the official store.

There were those who queued since Sunday, also those who intended to give them live to get into some hole, and also the cloud of resellers who inexplicably and without queuing, already offered those of eastern and those of north and south.

It didn't take long for the word to spread that there were no more ballots.

The announcement exasperated the spirits of the fans and for that situation the Police had to arrive immediately.

“It is not possible for me to be sixth in line, and when I get to the window they tell me that the ticket office had already been sold. They gave them to resellers … this is a business, ”said one of the fans who protested all morning.

Like him, many others showed their disagreement since it seemed strange to them that in less than two hours they had sold out about 10 thousand entrance tickets.

The situation became more difficult when one of the resellers who moved with sufficiency very close to the very long row, announced that he had tickets for the popular stands.

In response, many fans assaulted him and stripped him of the ballots, presenting a tense moment that for moments overflowed the intentions of the Police to guarantee order.

Why did the box office run out so fast?

The Country through a First Row source had access to information on the possible reasons why the ticket office for the game this Saturday at the Pascual Guerrero stadium was sold out so quickly.

The information provided is that for the meeting they released 38,000 tickets for sale (total capacity of the San Fernando neighborhood sports venue) and that around 25,000 tickets were sold in the first stage of sale (exclusively for subscribers).

Which left about 13,000 tickets as a balance for the general public that could start acquiring them from Monday at 8:00 a.m. both in the First Row physical points, and through the company's website.

The source explained that the subscribers could acquire a ticket with the established discounts that rewarded their loyalty and two others with the normal value.

And he added that the general public that on Monday began buying them from 8:00 a.m., could be made up to five tickets per person. This. the source said, produced that in a span of one hour about 7,000 of that approximately 13,000 that were left after the sale to the subscribers were sold.

In addition, fans who wanted to buy their tickets could do so both in Cali and at any point at the national level where First Row operates, so fans from other parts of the country could have achieved their ticket to the grand final without the ranks or alterations that occurred in the Valle del Cauca capital.

Excesses elsewhere

At the points of sale in Holguines, Unicentro and Palmetto, Cosmocentro, Centro Comercial Único and Rio Cali, among others, there were also tense moments, having to intervene Esmad.

"You don't play … with the entrance you don't play", was the song that hundreds of fans sang in Holguines, the Commercial Center where the offices of America are.

In Unicentro the line was quite extensive, even reaching the parking area, but seeing that it did not advance many fans began to despair and protest the disorder when selling tickets.

Taking into account that the situation was already becoming a public order problem in many points of sale, America quickly issued a statement announcing that the ticket office had been sold in its entirety, in addition to calling for calm and understanding.

In most shops many fans decided to stay in line, waiting for the 'miracle', while others, showing their discomfort, preferred to go home or to their work sites.

The disagreement reached the elected mayor of the city, Jorge Ivan Ospina, who shared in his social networks his annoyance for not finding tickets and demanded an explanation of what happened.

“It can't be that this happens; I went to most of the matches in America this year, and just in the most important I will not be. The ticket office gave them to the resellers. We are always punished by those of us who were loyal to the team, ”said Fernando Martinez, messenger of a renowned restaurant in the city, and who hoped to buy at least three oriental tickets.

Full guaranteed

The madness for America, the duel of the final against Junior and because the box office sold quickly, guarantee full Saturday at Easter.

More than 35 thousand spectators, among subscribers, fans who bought their ticket, in addition to the courtesies, will settle in the stands of Sanfernandino to see the duel that will crown the second semester champion.

Meanwhile the authorities prepare a special security device around the stadium before, during and after the meeting, to prevent any situation that alters public order.

America, meanwhile, hopes in sports not to disappoint the fans who will accompany him on this maximum date, and those who will strengthen him through television.


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