Redesign of Bahnhofplatz – Great interest in Olten 's facelifting – News



For 90 million francs, the station Olten is to be redesigned. The participation shows: The plans are very interesting.

The project: While Olten has Switzerland's most famous railway station, Bahnhofplatz is not a calling card for the important railway junction. Now everything should be better. Cars, buses, taxis, pedestrians and cyclists should not get in each other's way anymore, foreigners can find their way around, etc. Among other things, there is a new pedestrian bridge and bicycles, steps down to the water, a new car and bicycle parking and a new roof in front of the station planned.

The reactions: About 100 entries were received in the participation, according to the city of Olten. Most individuals, parties, and organizations in the city and surrounding area expressed positive views on the plans. Many are happy that something should be done to improve the situation at the station square. Honored, for example, the new Aaresteg or the easier access to the river are added.

Visualize new bridge and roof on place.

The suggestions for improvement: Most political parties mention in their submissions that the Veloparking is too small with planned 1250 seats. Also, a wider bike lane is encouraged, so that there is no traffic jams at peak times. Wanted are also wider underpasses in the station, which could also realize the SBB in the course of the redesign of the square. Depending on your political orientation, the parking situation for cars will be better or worse.


The procedure: The suggestions from the participation would now all sighted and evaluated, it is with the Oltner city administration. The ideas should flow into the further planning. For this planning, the parish council is expected to have a loan in June. Start of construction of the new station square Olten should be 2025.


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