Summary of Black Friday 2019: Amazon reveals its best sales


Summary of Black Friday 2019: Amazon reveals its best sales

Imported from the United States, Black Friday has become a major commercial event in France. For French consumers, it can save some money before the end of the year holidays. Amazon, leader of the e-commerce in France, makes a first inventory of this edition 2019 and unveils the products which were the most plebiscites this year. The most popular categories are toys, home, books and PCs.

The connected home still very popular

The connected speakers have also been very successful, especially Echo Dot 3 and Echo Dot 3 with clock. It must be said that they were offered at a very interesting rate, respectively 22 euros and 34.99 euros. Another popular product is the robot vacuum cleaner. The choice has extended with devices less than 200 euros and others that exceed 800 euros. Amazon has offered many discounts, some are still available at the time of writing:

Among the bestsellers of Black Friday 2019 are also the HDMI dongle Fire TV Stick 4K also heavily discounted that fell under 40 €, the video game Luigi's Mansion 3 by Nintendo, the pack of connected LED bulbs Philips Hue White E27 or connected outlets.


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