the companion of Pierre-Emmanuel Bockel renders a moving homage to "his love"


Despite the pain, she wanted to speak. Camille, the fiancee of Lieutenant Pierre-Emmanuel Bockel, died last Monday with 12 others of his comrades in a helicopter accident in Mali, spoke on Monday on RTL, on the occasion of the national tribute to the Invalides.

"Nobody can get ready, did she react, upset." One does not prepare to lose his love, to lose his family, nor his comrade because today, it is not only me who suffers. If only I had the right words to talk about him, he was a happy man, who likes to get up in the morning to go to work in the morning to join his brothers. "

"A man who loved the army, but not the war"

Son of the Senator of Haut-Rhin and former Minister Jean-Marie Bockel, Pierre-Emmanuel Bockel was 28 years old and was soon to become a father. On Monday, November 25, he was one of 13 men mobilized in two helicopters on an operation to support the commandos of the force Barkhane who were in contact with terrorist groups. Around 19:40, during a maneuver, the two aircraft collided, crashing close to one another. The thirteen soldiers died instantly.

"He's a man who loved the army, but who did not like war and that's important," recalls her companion. "I did not think it was possible, but he proved me wrong and he could prove it to the most anti-militarists, he was kind and profoundly kind."

"He loved stealing stone, and I was proud to know that there were men like him in this business, so upright, he loved peace above all else," she continued.

"Violence is no longer possible"

"I hope with all my heart that the disappearance of boys will not be an additional call to hate," she added. "If we still have a little bit of strength, to continue to make them live in the most beautiful things they did, to realize that violence is no longer possible."

The tribute ceremony to thirteen soldiers will be open to the public and a giant screen will broadcast the tribute, which begins at 15 hours, on the Esplanade des Invalides. More than 2500 people are expected.


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