The Treasury prohibits dependencies buying luxury furniture


The Ministry of Finance and Public Credit (SHCP) released the manual for the institutional image of the federal government's properties, headed by the president, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, which is governed by the principles of austerity, transparency, efficiency and Fight against corruption.

The regulation in charge of the Institute of Administration and Appraisals of National Assets (Indaabin) is effective as of tomorrow.

In the regulation, all the dependencies of the Federal Public Administration (APF) are ordered that the remodeling of offices and the purchase of new or luxury furniture for federal real estate be prohibited.

It is requested to standardize the facades of federal buildings with the colors that distinguish the Fourth Transformation (4T).

The manual includes the visual and design elements necessary for real estate to have an approved and recognizable image throughout the country.

The colors, materials and textures that each federal property must adapt according to their specific needs are mentioned.

For buildings, the body will be white with a skirting board and brown valance and icing distinctive of the 4T and vinyl paint should be used.

Colors and signage

The signage and interior design must be the same for all APF offices.

It is recommended that in the reception areas there are durable and rough-use materials, since they are areas of high traffic and therefore can deteriorate.

For places with a lot of people, the floors are light colored in ceramic tile for better durability and greater cleanliness.

In the reception modules, plastic, wood or metal materials can be used depending on the specific case, the regulations indicate.

They must guarantee accessibility areas for people with disabilities.
Chairs and armchairs should be neutral black, while walls and ceilings are painted white.


In the bathrooms, carpets cannot be used; WCs must have a water saving system and be white.

The urinals for men's toilets will be dry, and the sinks will preferably be stainless steel, as well as the partition walls.

It is recommended to keep furniture that is in good condition both in appearance and in operation.

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