Video: pitched battle between parents in a children's soccer tournament


The match of the 2009 category of the ADIJ League at August 11 Club, from Lomas de Zamora, in which the locals beat Rivarola Fort from Temperley the final of the Champions Cup, when at the side of the court four men of legal age began an argument. The crossing, which could be a passenger but that was not, grew in intensity and in participants, to the point that the situation was out of the hands of those responsible for the tournament and It all ended in a massive fight.

Parents of other clubs that were in the stands and had stayed to see the 2009 meeting, 10-year-old boys, began to register with their cell phones the images of violence they could access Infobae. According to the sources, the crosses were carried out by members of the two institutions involved, blue those of August 11 and red those of Fortin, in addition to several parents who were in the place.

The origin of everything would have been a "Worn out" from three local authorities, to a rival delegate. However, this exchange opted for more serious events, which would have included, in addition to the fight that involved about 50 people, the assault on a minor, according to a statement that after the incident made known the club Fortin de Rivarola in their social networks.

“We hope that the delegate of the 2009 category of the club August 11 that invited a 9-year-old boy, category 2010 who plays in our club to fight be separated from any function related to children for performing such a cowardly act, ”says the publication, which was shared Monday from the official Facebook account of the institution that has 84 years of history.

“The Fortin de Rivarola club, in the face of the violence that happened yesterday and of which its public was a part, wants to repudiate them, making it clear that these do not correspond to the values ​​that our club proclaims to the children of our institution. The club is responsible for what happened and the sanctions that this will bring, "the statement said, insisting: "Nothing justifies a fact of such magnitude".


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