why it is a decisive step to implement the Paris Agreement


Four years after the historic agreement in Paris in 2015, greenhouse gas emissions are still rising. The COP25 looks like a big fair at the Congress Center in Madrid, Spain. 29,000 people are expected at the COP whose negotiators, who work day and night.

All major environmental players have their booth. Companies that have the latest solar charger to the NGO that equips African villages. The stand of France, it is all cardboard to minimize the carbon footprint.
This year, the youth has demonstrated and scientists claim thatthere is one year left to reverse the curve emissions to avoid disaster. But for their part, the United States has left the Paris Agreement and Brazil, Australia and Japan are threatening to turn back.

One year to reverse the emissions curve

These COPs are essential. COP3 had given birth to the Kyoto Protocol and precise rules to ensure that rich countries lower their emissions, especially Europe. Cities, regions and large companies are constantly committing to less polluting: 16,000 commitments have been made. Without these COPs, the planet would probably go much worse.

The main issue of this climate conference: continue to negotiate the implementation of the Paris Agreement, which will only be operational next year. Negotiating the global carbon offsetting system, finding solutions for countries that could not reduce their emissions or finance solar power plants, for example.

In reality, the important COP will be that of Glasgow in a year. This conference promises to be historic because all the countries will really have to announce additional efforts. A big march is planned Friday, December 6th. Greta Thunberg, still aboard her catamaran in the United States, should attend.

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