20 million Mixcloud user data surfaced in the Darknet


Over 20 million user data from the music streaming service Mixcloud has surfaced in the Darknet. According to the operator, although passwords were sometimes affected, since these are stored exclusively encrypted, there is nothing to worry about.

Criminals captured around 20 million user data from the British audio streaming service Mixcloud and offered it for sale on the Darknet. Like the portal "Techcrunch" reports, the data came in November this year in the possession of the attacker.
The report also states that the information discovered is usernames, e-mail addresses, IP addresses and passwords. The latter, however, is half as wild as Mixcloud on his blog on the occasion of the incident. In the service passwords are not displayed in clear text, but encrypted using the hash algorithm SHA 2. Resetting is almost impossible.

Mixcloud continues to write that a majority of users use a Facebook account to sign in to the streaming service. In this case, no passwords would be stored, so they could not have come into the hands of the criminals.

Change passwords as a precaution

It is very unlikely that passwords were actually compromised, Mixcloud continues. However, the service advises its users to change passwords, especially if they are also used in other applications for login.

Furthermore, the operator points out that basically no data such as credit card numbers or postal addresses of users would be stored.

More details, such as how it could come to the data leak, are not known. However, the platform operator assures that the incident will continue to be investigated intensively.

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