Arana, about his lack of minutes: "I feel very uncomfortable"


Only 75 minutes played, only four games, always as a substitute. After 14 days of A series and five of Champions League, Guilherme Arana much more was expected of his adventure in the Atalanta. If it is true that the Nerazzurri sides are performing at a very high level, the Brazilian has so far had very few opportunities to show their value, something very different with respect to how much he had been promised by the Italian club last summer. Thus, less than a month from the winter market, the player owned by the Sevilla FC decided to vent all his discomfort in an exclusive interview with Sports stadium, in which he does not forget his stage in Nervion and of what is still his club.

– How do you feel and how is this lack of space in the Atalanta?
– I feel very uncomfortable right now. I feel good physically, I know I could contribute a lot to my club and calcium, but Atalanta doesn't give me the opportunities I need to play and show my talent.

– How do you explain this moment?
– I don't know how to give myself a real explanation, I'm sincere. I understand that my teammates are playing very well in my position. I'm talking about Gosens, Hateboer, Castagne … But I expected to play a little more, that's for sure. I did not come here to stay all year on the bench.

– Why this summer chose Atalanta despite having other great offers?
– Atalanta is in the Champions League, it is an important team in Italy and I wanted to continue to be the protagonist in Europe, in a very competitive and entertaining league like the Serie A. That's why I decided to move to Bergamo as a loan. However, now my priorities have changed: I want to play and I am convinced that great things will come soon for me.

– What do you plan to do to solve your current situation?
– I will talk to my agents and evaluate the offers they have on the table to find the best solution for my future in the January market. I'll think about it together with my family, I can't fail this time.

– The last word will be Sevilla FC.
– Yes, they bought me in 2018 and I will always be grateful for the trust. Sevilla FC was the first club that decided to bet on me in Europe. In Nervion I lived very good moments and I will always remember the goal that I scored against Barcelona at the Camp Nou despite our final defeat.

– What message do you want to send to your former teammates in the bid for the League?
– I am always aware of your results. They have only one point away from first place and they are having a great season both in the League and in Europe. I am a fan of Sevilla FC, I will never stop being, and I want to send all my former teammates my blessings for this year. To death!

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