Bolivia blames Maduro for financing "terror" in Latin American countries


The interim Government of Bolivia on Monday blamed the Venezuelan Government of Nicolas Maduro for financing the "terror" in Bolivian territory and also in Colombia, Chile and Peru.

The interim Minister of Government (Interior) of Bolivia, Arturo Murillo, requested a meeting with his peers from Colombia, Peru and Chile to share information.


Murillo, at a press conference in La Paz, said that Maduro finances the destabilization in the region, based on an investigation by the Special Force to Combat Crime (FELCC) of Bolivia.

"We have something really alarming, because it turns out that Mr. Maduro, through Diosdado Cabello, using his cousin, has financed all the terror that Bolivians have experienced, the terror that Colombians, Chileans and Peruvians are experiencing." said Murillo.

Diosdado Cabello is the president of the National Constituent Assembly of Venezuela.

In the opinion of Minister Murillo, all this is part of a "conspiracy against America", so he called for a meeting with his peers from Colombia, Chile and Peru to share information.

"The way to destabilize the governments that have been doing people linked to terrorism, the FARC, drug trafficking and not only Bolivia, Colombia, Peru, Chile is involved and all this is being handled with threads from Venezuela," he said.


According to the investigation of the special force, several people entered Bolivia with "verifiable antecedents" of terrorism, among them Facundo Molares, alias "Camilo", former member of the already demobilized Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), who was arrested in the Bolivian town of Yapacani on November 14.

There is also Martin Serna Ponce, former member of the revolutionary group Tupac Amaru of Peru, who has a direct link with Facundo Molares, according to the investigation.

According to the director of the FELCC in the Bolivian region of Santa Cruz, Oscar Gutierrez, Facundo Molares arrived in Bolivia in October from Venezuela on the same plane as the Colombian Pedro Nel Carvajalino and Oswaldo Rivera.

The director identified Rivera as a former member of Tupac Amaru and said that together with his companion they arrived in Bolivia for "destabilizing" purposes and for "media terrorism."

According to the investigation, Carvajalino's partner is the daughter of the Venezuelan Army general commander Alexis Rodriguez Cabello, cousin of Diosdado Cabello.


Bolivia experienced a deep crisis due to the failed elections of last October 20, leaving at least 34 dead and 832 injured, according to data from the Ombudsman's Office.

The elections, now annulled, gave Morales a winner for a fourth consecutive term between allegations of fraud.

On November 10, the Organization of American States warned in a preliminary report of "serious irregularities" in those elections and that same day Morales announced his resignation from the Presidency after almost fourteen years in power, forced by the Armed Forces.

The next day, Morales traveled to Mexico as an asylee.

Morales's resignation has been described as a "coup d'etat" by several Latin American governments and politicians.

Other countries have recognized the interim Executive, while part of the international community has urged dialogue without ruling on the political crisis.


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